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Instant Print Services Singapore

Instant Print Services Singapore is a young and dynamic company comprised of professional photographers, tracking specialists, and printing of high quality photography with the name and logo of the client, Enterprise and various events in which photos are requested instantly.

We are a highly experiences photography company, with several years of experience and our participation in various corporate events, product launches, conferences, weddings, etc.

Instant Print Services Singapore are equipped with the latest digital studio photography equipment on the market to allow our customers with the addition quality, the presence and showmanship of our photographers to reflect the good photo to you and our services.

We usually holds professional Instant Print Services Singapore booth at various types of events, such as parties, weddings, corporate events and conferences exhibiting companies’ investments, where they spend a lot of capital in advertising. With our proposed digital photography photo, we are able to capture business moments and present in Instant Print Services Singapore  photos booth with people you care.

Thus, to achieve the goal of your company and its products being recognized, our professional photographers have the ability to provide quality photo to your guests.

Instant Print Singapore

Instant Print Services Singapore Booth Design

We allow you to interact with the type of studio-designed screens you prefer.

From the moment the photo booth is one in your event. So you can decorate it and make it fit perfectly.

• Customize screens menu / system interaction
• Enter your name, brand or logo
• Choose Colors
• Choose the desired interaction phrases
• And much more!

Our photos are Instant Print Services Singapore on 6×4 inch size or at the size of 6×9 inches. Customers have the choice to customize their photo labelled with the event name and your company logo. This would allow their attendees or guests to have a souvenir photo of the event, which was attended. This, of course allows the guest to be able to keep it permanently in a special place in his professional or private setting.