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Video Booth Singapore

Over here, Video Booth Singapore decided to abuse the creativity and put a booth to film the guests of a wedding party, the detail in slow-motion.

The idea is simple: A camera that shoots at 160 frames per second (which is not cheap), a white background and a lot of led light. As the guests understood the proposal of the cabin were loosening up.

The souvenir photo booth has already become a darling way for brides to remember the date. However, it came to be used for a tape shot with the Red Epic camera, made for filming in slow motion, turning the new trend in weddings.

Video Booth Singapore is the new fever that traveling the world is a guaranteed fun for all your guests, for all ages.

Success in sports events, with super slow motion Video Booth Singapore can capture moments that could not be seen in normal record; with moments that sooner would in a heartbeat.

Video Booth Singapore

Fun of Video booth Singapore

You just need good friends willing to join in the fun with you. To make the idea even more fun, the guests are made to play with streamers, confetti and sprays beyond the faces made.

Video Booth Singapore is a spectacular video recorded at slow motion during special occasions. In slow motion details can be appreciated imperceptible to the human eye to actual speed.

Video Booth Singapore is very easy to operate and affordable to all guests, including those with special needs. Unlike photo booths that is limited to only posing, we allows guests to move around and capture a few seconds of their actions